Hits4Pay Update Review [May 6, 2015]

by admin on May 6, 2015

Welcome to all new members who joined us in the past week and a big thank you for all our members for being a member!

Adam here with another Hits4Pay Update! (May 6, 2015). This week’s Prize Ad Winner is Edward Gann, from Lithonia, GA, USA. Congratulations Edward!

If you have not been receiving our Email Notifications regarding Paid Ads waiting to be viewed inside your account, then it’s possible that the Notifications are going in your Junk/Spam folders. We are sending out emails daily except on Weekends. Some Interest groups will be fewer in numbers, and some Interest groups may not have advertisers. Please do the following so that you may receive your share of Paid Ads.

1. Please go to the email program that you receive Hits4Pay email and Whitelist us. You can whitelist our domain ( htis4pay.com, hits4pay2.com, noloophits4pay@hits4pay.com ) on your email program right away. Here are the instructions to Whitelist: http://www.whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails/ .

2. Please login and check if your email address have been updated due to Bounced Emails.  You will need to verify your email. If your current email is bouncing back to our servers, you will want to use a new email account, or open a new Gmail just for this purpose.

3. Login to your Hits4Pay account now to check if you have any Emails waiting to be read. Literally thousands of members have emails to read waiting for you to do so.

4. Social Media: We send regular weekly or bi-weekly updates using Facebook and Twitter. Please subscribe to these updates by Liking or Following us.

Click The “Like” button to receive updates on Facebook.

Click the “Follow” button to receive our updates On Twitter

Please Note: We do not attend to support questions or queries on Facebook or Twitter at this time. Please open a support ticket so that we can help you.

I am excited to let you know that we will be working on adding and re-designing our members interface shortly to make it more user-friendly and to add more revenue generating opportunities for you.

Until next week,

Adam Jacob
Affiliate Manager


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