How To Signup For Hits4Pay’s Affiliate Builder Program

by admin on September 21, 2012

Affiliate Builder Program is a built in advertising co-op program designed to drive traffic directly to your Hits4Pay Affiliate URL.

Once you subscribe to the “Affiliate Builder Program”, your referral link is added to our advertising rotation script. We spend thousands of dollars each month to drive traffic to main URL, and you can get traffic and signups from it.

It’s the EASIEST and the SAFEST way to build your Hits4Pay referrals and monthly earnings.

You have to be a Hits4Pay Member to be able to signup for this program.

Steps To Signup Now!

STEP #1 – Login to your Hits4Pay account

STEP #2 - From your “Members Home” page, click on “Affiliate Builder Program” link on the top right of the page.

STEP #3 - Click the subscribe button to create your subscription using Paypal.

After you have created your subscription, your referral link will be instantly added to our advertising co-op rotation.

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