Inexpensive Way To Get More Referrals – Hits4Pay Update Review [May 13, 2015]

by admin on May 13, 2015

Adam here with another Hits4Pay Update! (May 13, 2015). This week’s Prize Ad Winner is Edwin Suminarsa, West Java, Indonesia. Congratulations Edwin!

If you missed our last update regarding whitelisting our email and domain to ensure that you are not missing out on new paid emails, click here to do it now.

Many of our members have been asking for inexpensive ways to get more referrals — so they can improve their monthly earnings with Hits4Pay.

The beauty of the Hits4Pay referral program is that you can invest or spend a little time to promote your referral link and sit back and reap the rewards long term. As with anything, a little effort and or investment is needed to experience extraordinary results.

This week, I want to introduce a low cost advertising platform that you can use to get new referrals for your Hits4pay program. One of the best ways to get more people to signup from your referral link is to promote your hits4pay link to people who are looking for a free / low cost opportunities online.

What better way to do it than ‘Safelists’ and ‘groups’ online — and one of the best among hundreds of safe-lists is!

Here’s How It Works! is a group/list of over 105,000 subscribers, who have subscribed to promote their websites and also to find other online programs to join. There is a free and a paid option. The free option allows you to join the list and promote your Hits4Pay ad to 200 random subscribers on the list.

However, the paid version will get your ad out to the entire subscriber base every other day. The cost is only $12 per month. For 12 dollars per month you’ll be able to reach the entire list and hundreds of new members joining this list to get them to join under your Hits4Pay referral link.

This type of promotion is safe and you will never get any spam complaints.

If you don’t have a mailing list of your own, this is probably one of the safest way to promote anything online. also offers you web-based or credit based promotions, which is always a plus. More traffic to your referral link is the goal.

If you have 5 minutes to spare every other day, your can add more referrals within months. Referrals that will pay off month after months. Since Hits4pay offers a $10 signup bonus, it should be an added motivation for people to join.

You can get more information on and Join from here.

BusinessWorldList Affiliate Program Pays Monthly Residual Commissions!

BusinessWorldList also offers a 50% monthly referral commission. It is one of the longest running affiliate program online (over 10 years) For every paid member that you refer BusinessWorldList — you get $6/month. Refer 2 and get your membership for free. You can find more information on the BusinessWorldList affiliate program on the website.

Until next week,

Adam Jacob
Affiliate Manager


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