“Weekly Prize Ads” Explained.

by admin on March 11, 2014

Winners are automatically picked by our automated system. $10 cash prize has been added to Sharon S Graham’s account.

“Weekly Prize Ads” Explained.

We have added yet another way for you to earn and benefit from Hits4Pay! I’ll make this brief and simple below.

We want to reward you for purchasing from our advertisers! If you did make a purchase, you can enter our “WEEKLY PRIZE ADS POOL” to win the week’s designated CASH PRIZE!

Here’s an Illustration of how it works…

1. Look for Ads that are “Prize Ad Qualified”.

You’ll see it on the top left of the frame page while you are viewing the ad. If the ad is qualified, check the offer on the page to see if you’d like to purchase from the advertiser.


2. Click “Yes, I Purchased this Product” yellow button ONLY if you made a Purchase

If you did not purchase, please click on “No, Take me to the next offer” yellow button.


3. Find your Payment Receipt from the merchant.

If you purchased the product, the merchant WILL send you a payment receipt to your email you gave while purchasing the product. You will need to submit this payment receipt to us, in order to qualify for the contest.


4. Submit Payment Receipt to enter the pool.

Copy the payment receipt email completely (including transaction #) and paste it inside the form given to you on Hits4Pay.

Click the button to submit!


That’s it!

5. Upon verification you will be entered for the week’s cash prize pool.

6. Our automated system will pick a winner every Tuesday of the week.

7. If you are the winner, the cash price will be added to your current balance and will be paid when the minimum balance is met.

Cash prizes will be increased incrementally according to member participation.

Have a GREAT Week!

Abe Cherian & Team


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