Full Testimonial Disclosure

In accordance with the FTC guide lines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, let us make you aware of the following circumstances: 

The testimonials displayed are, given verbatim except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some have been shortened meaning; not the whole message received by the testimony writer is displayed, when it seemed lengthy or not the whole text seemed relevant for the general public. 

These are testimonials actually received via email. They are individual experiences by persons who have used the Hits4Pay website in some way or other. They are individual results and we do not claim that they are typical results that members will generally achieve.


Multiple Stream Media wants you to be fully informed when you purchase advertising from us, our affiliates, or any third party we may link to or recommend on any of our sites. We want our subscribers to get maximum positive results from viewing our advertiser's offers. For this reason we believe it's important for you to understand the following facts before signing up as a free member from any of our websites or through third party links.

Generally Expected Results From Our Hits4Pay Services:

Where receiving paid emails are concerned, we don't warrant that typical results will include any amount of 'paid ads' to read or view. In fact, it's entirely possible you may not receive any 'paid emails' to read. 

Members using our website more often than not do not report receiving paid email from us. Successful results from our satisfied subscribers should be considered the exception rather than the rule. Members utilizing our services can generally expect Zero to five emails per day. It is entirely possible you will not receive any 'paid emails' at all as a result of joining Hits4Pay.com.

Reported Results From Earlier Economic Climates, and Conditions:

Many of the results reported on certain WebPages within Multiple Stream Media websites occurred during both an earlier economic conditions and resources. For Example: You may find results of individuals who profited from reading email from us during a heavy advertiser volume, time period.

Accordingly, you should not rely solely on their successes when making your decision to join Hits4Pay.com. Members who use our website can generally expect not to see any results at all. It is entirely possible you not receive any paid emails to read. 

Financial Relationships With Affiliates:

If any of our affiliates referred you to our website via an Affiliate Tracking Link which reads the following on your address bar on your browser, http://hits4pay.com/members/index.cgi?[USERNAME], they may receive a commission on any emails that are validated from their links. Because of this financial relationship, you should not solely rely on their endorsement in making a decision to signup, and must exercise due diligence in evaluating our services using information obtained beyond their recommendations. You should assume we have a financial relationship with third party sites unless explicitly stated otherwise, and as such should not rely entirely upon our recommendation when making your decision to join.