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 "The money does add up!"

"I enjoy this site so much, which is why I decided to become an affiliate for hits4pay. A wonderful way to make money on the internet working from home, and this is coming from a housewife with 4 boys, 19, 18, 11, 7 *ALL BOYS*  and absolutely would recommend Hits4Pay to anyone who wishes to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home!! It is absolutely free, and the money does add up, becoming an affiliate even gives you the chance to earn MORE money.

Once again, I recommend Hits4Pay to anyone who wishes to earn extra income absolutely free!"

 - Stephanie Mooney, British Columbia, Canada

 "One of the BEST Paid to read sites"

"So far I have been apart of many Paid To Read's and this is one of the best sites available. They actually pay per email what they say they will. Hits4pay is Wonderful!"

- Autumn Cohrs, Fort White, Florida, USA

 "I've been earning check after check!"

"Hits4Pay has given me a chance to earn some extra cash and it works. I've been earning check after check in the last few months and I'm digging it."
- Yancy Sheperd, Oklohoma, USA

 "Hits4Pay is nothing like other companies, I immediately began to make money!"

"Hits4pay is a honest online company. I have been the person seeking an online job to help supplement my future and every time I signed up for something I felt as though I was being swindled. After you signed up and gave them your money they just disappeared and sent you to another site requesting more personal info and more money. 

Hits4pay is nothing like that and I have immediately began to make money. I suggest anyone should sign up...hey what have you got to lose?"

- Lynn Mathis, Oakland, California, USA

 "The fun part is I have been paid just for getting informed!"

"Since I have been involved with hits4pay I have been more informed. The fun part is that I have been paid just for getting informed free."

- Florance Afolabi, London, UK

 "It's fun to watch the pennies grow!"

"This is a great opportunity. The pennies build up slowly, but 
they do build up. It's fun to watch the pennies grow.!

I am house-bound and this is an effortless way to earn a little extra cash. I've also "met" other people who are also limited to working from their own home."

- Carol Ryesky, Abmler, Pennsylvania , USA

 "It puts a smile on my face to see..."

"I absolutely love Hits4Pay,it puts a smile on my face every time I go to my inbox knowing I am earning money. Thanks, Hits4Pay!."

- Janice Smith, Hudson, Indiana , USA

 "A very well run and professional site..."

"A very well run and professional site. A calm oasis in a sea of PTRs'. A good selection of interesting email. Well done Hits4Pay and keep it up!"

~ Angie Aegerter